About The Asian Elephant

Elephants are the world’s largest land mammal with a profound intelligence and emotional range. For thousands of years, people in Asia have revered this gentle giant for its strength, wisdom and loyalty. However, respect for this huge animal hasn’t been enough to stem a colossal decline in numbers.

Massive loss of habitat has seen wild populations plummet by 90% during the last century and in the span of three generations the world has lost half of its Asian elephants. Human development continues at pace with railways, electricity lines and farms slicing up remaining habitat. Poaching and wildlife crime remain a threat and in many places in Asia, competition for the same living space and food has reached crisis point. Human-Elephant Conflict is a major threat to both Asian elephants and to the communities that surround them.

Along with physical threats to their survival, the Asian elephant suffers from apathy and a global lack of awareness of their plight. Travels to My Elephant shines a spotlight on their plight, raises awareness and much-needed funds. These funds investment in long term solutions for the future survival of this magnificent yet over-looked elephant.



About Elephant Family


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Elephant Family is an international NGO dedicated to protecting the Asian elephant from extinction in the wild. In the last fifty years their population has roughly halved and 90% of their habitat has disappeared. Poaching and demand for wild-caught babies for tourism remain a constant threat along with the deadly and escalating conflict between people and elephants for living space and food. Elephant Family funds pioneering projects across Asia to reconnect forest fragments, prevent conflict and fight wildlife crime. Since 2002 Elephant Family has funded over 160 conservation projects and raised over £10m through public art events for this iconic yet endangered animal.