About The Asian Elephant


The greatest wildlife story of our time is happening right now and Elephant Family is playing a vital part in it. As Asia’s jungles are chopped down, all the animals living within them are being wiped out.

Elephant family is protecting the biggest and most intelligent of all – the Asian elephant – whose numbers have dropped by 90% in the last 100 years. Quite simply they are becoming homeless. But the Asian elephant is the only animal big enough and clever enough to fight back. What is happening is extraordinary – this gentle giant has been turned into a dangerous animal. Everyday across Asia, people and elephants are locked into a battle for space and food. Stressed and starving herds are attacking villages, raiding crops, holding up motorways and overturning trains.

Elephant Family exists out of urgent necessity due to a serious lack of investment and attention going into this humanitarian and conservation issue – we fund projects across Asia to stop this conflict happening. We reconnect fragments of forest, help farmers protect their crops, prevent illegal deforestation, bring businesses and conservationists together to coordinate development and campaign on the international stage for their protection. The projects we fund are working and have already reduced the conflict by as much as 90% in the areas we have so far reached.

Our work is powered by creative conservation campaigns such as Elephant Parade London, The Animal Ball, The Faberge Big Egg Hunt and now…Travels to my Elephant.




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