About The Asian Elephant


Asian elephants are hanging by a fragile thread: wild populations have plummeted by 90% during the last century; and in the span of three generations, the world has lost half of its Asian elephants. As human populations expand, elephant habitat fragments, which means that Asia’s largest land mammal is now living in disconnected forests, which in turn forces the gentle giant to become a dangerous animal. Across Asia, people and elephants are locked in a battle for space and food. Stressed and starving herds are attacking villages, raiding crops, holding up motorways and overturning trains.

Elephant Family is the only UK charity exclusively protecting Asian elephants, and it is determined to halt human-elephant conflict while preserving and reconnecting elephant habitat. Elephant Family reconnects fragmented forests, helps farmers protect their crops, prevents illegal deforestation, and brings businesses and conservationists together to coordinate global actions that will help people and wildlife alike.

In addition to powering conservation projects, Elephant Family raises awareness and funds through creative conservation campaigns. Innovative campaigns and events include: Elephant Parade London, The Animal Ball, The Faberge Big Egg Hunt and, of course, Travels to my Elephant.