The Inspiration

Travels to my Elephant is inspired by one the world’s most charismatic adventurers, the late and great Mark Shand. In 1988 Mark rescued an elephant called Tara from a life of misery begging on the streets of India. Together they embarked on a journey which was described in Mark’s best-selling book: Travels on my Elephant. Their story led to the creation of Elephant Family and a life time of commitment to this lesser-known elephant.

Tara inspired Mark to dedicate his life to the survival of one of the most intelligent, complex and emotionally sensitive animals on the planet: the endangered Asian elephant.

Mark’s philosophy was simple: make people smile, then ask for help. By joining this adventure you’ll be doing just that.

Watch Mark’s  journey from adventurer to conservationist

Mark Shand on India:

“Year after year this grand, chaotic and vibrant land lured me back.

It was here that something happened which changed my life. I fell in love. Her name was Tara. She was a beautiful, female Asian elephant.

I wrote a book about our travels together across her country. But more importantly it was through Tara that I learnt that the Asian elephant could be teetering on extinction.”

Elephant Family Priorities

Reconnecting Forests

Asia’s elephants have lost 90% of their habitat. Huge areas of pristine forest are now small islands of green. Without their forest homes, elephants will not survive. Reconnecting Asia’s forests with elephant corridors is a top conservation priority

Fighting Wildlife Crime

Poaching and the trade in live baby elephants for tourism threatens the survival of Asia’s elephants. We fund law-changing undercover operations and anti-poaching patrols across Asia.

Preventing Conflict

Competition for the same living space and food is leading to an increase in deadly conflicts between people and elephants. We invest in pioneering solutions that are proven to bring peace to conflict zones.

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