Travels to my Elephant 2015

Travels to my Elephant, inspired by our late and great founder Mark Shand and his bestselling book, was a magnificent series of events throughout 2015 which started on the streets of London and ended in the jungles of India.

The climax was a wild, 500km journey by intrepid racers in 49 rickshaws across India through Madhya Pradesh to meet Mark’s elephant Tara in her home, Kipling Camp.

This unique collaboration with Quintessentially Foundation raised £1.3million for Asia’s endangered elephants and the communities that share their forest homes. 687 MILLION people across the globe heard about our event and conservation message.

“The whole event is imbued with Mark’s soul. Not just the tale of his family, on our way to bid that final, permanent adieu. But every single racer, miles removed from their comfort zone, inspired by Mark, Tara and the elephants. Despite his gaping absence, it was so very him – the challenge, the Bombay Mix of people, the spirit of eccentric escapade.” Racer Tom Parker Bowles