As human populations expand and natural habitats shrink, people and animals are fighting a deadly battle for food and space.

Elephant Family supports a wide range of projects that find ways for humans and animals to live closer together than ever before. From securing a network of wildlife corridors which act as bridges between islands of forests, to relocating busy highways that slice through primary forest, these projects will give back a home to homeless animals.

Travels to my Elephant is a flagship Elephant Family event, produced in partnership with Quintessentially Foundation. Since 2015, it has raised over £2m for Asian wildlife conservation. 

Learn more about Elephant Family’s conservation work here. 

Quintessentially Foundation is the award winning and grant-giving arm of Quintessentially Group, providing funding and building awareness for UK registered charities.

Through mindful entrepreneurialism, our aim is to improve the welfare of disadvantaged communities and individuals, facilitating change and allowing dreams to become a reality. Established in 2008, Quintessentially Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Quintessentially Group has raised over £12 million for charities through unique and innovative events.