Brought to you by Elephant Family and The Quintessentially Foundation, Travels To My Elephant has welcomed many intrepid explorers on this epic journey across London and India.

“The beauty of riding across India is the way you interact with the country. At the end of the day, this isn’t really a race. Everybody stops and enjoys the surprises along the road. The best part of the 2015 journey was the reaction we received from kids as we drove through town, and when we stopped to chat and have tea with the locals.”

Adam Haggiag, Travels to my Elephant Racer 2015 & 2017


Past Teams

One of the great experiences of our lives.

Gareth and Nicola Wood

The Magical Mystery Tourists

Karen Yerburgh
David Yerburgh 


The Darnalls

Timothy Flynn
James Aquilina
Lee Flanagan


The Ganeshtronauts

Mary Powys
Ruth Powys
George Butler
Mark Crowther


Ben Elliot
James Poulton 


Tartan Tusks

Garreth Wood
Nicola Wood


Team La Perla

Julia Hendler
Robert Brotherton
Miriam Hendler

Go Bananas

Jonathan Hewlett
Jane Hewlett 


You Tuk’in to Me?

Michael Kovacs
David White
Brandon Hollihan


Old Spice

Henry Brett
Alan O’Sullivan
Fiona James

The Tartan Trekkers

Poonam Gupta
Puneet Gupta 


Tuskers Trio

David Alexander
Rory Conwell
Nigel Miller


The Tuskateers

Nicolas Imrie
Hosham Ibrahim
Luca Innamorato

Colonel Hathi

William O’Shea
Maeve Judge
Thomas Assheton 



Nicholas Coleridge
Georgia Coleridge
Sophie Coleridge


El Banditos

Waris Ahluwalia
Adam Haggiag
Simon Haggiag
Joshua Carter

Wacky Racers

Dominic Harvey 
Rosanagh Robertson 
Rosanagh Cottingham 


What an adventure. I am ready to do it all over again

Nicolas Imrie


Highlights from Travels to my Elephant

“I have tried to do my part to highlight how intertwined the future of our own species is with the health of the environments that we live in. I know that these issues can often feel overwhelming. But the process of conservation can also be something joyful.”

Joshua Jackson, Travels to my Elephant Racer 2015 & 2017