Elephant Family, along with five other organisations for Asian elephant conservation, formed the Asian Elephant Alliance at the Royal Rickshaw Reception on the 30th June.

The Alliance aims to secure a safe future for the wild elephants of India, which make up approximately half of the world’s wild Asian elephants; one of 13 countries where the wild giants still roam.

Little attention has been paid to the mainly silent demise of the Asian elephant, despite the fact that their numbers have dropped dramatically to approximately 50,000 – the maximum number of Asian elephants thought to be in the wild. If the last remaining natural habitat for wild elephants is not protected, they could be effectively become extinct within 30 years.

Every day people and elephants in India die as the conflict for space becomes more intense, but this doesn’t have to be a sad story; it is possible to secure a safe future for both people and elephants.

One of the key ways to do this and secure the future of Asian elephants into the next century, is the creation of elephant corridors that link their ever-fragmenting habitat.

The Asian Elephant Alliance aims to mobilise £20 million to secure 100 corridors across India by 2025. In so doing, safe passage will be ensured for India’s elephants.

“Mark Shand, our founder, once said ‘if there is no magic or passion in life, there is no point in doing anything’.  This event has both by the bucket load; shining a multi-coloured spotlight on the plight of Asia’s elephants.  Tonight we stride closer to our target; a modern day conservation and humanitarian solution that works: Elephant Corridors Ruth Powys, CEO of Elephant Family, speaking at the Royal Rickshaw Reception

“Five leading conservation organisations, 100 key elephant corridors but one goal. Nothing pleases me more than the coming together of the globe in the fight for this endangered species.” Vivek Menon, Wildlife Trust of India


The signatories to the agreement were: Vivek Menon, ED and CEO of the Wildlife Trust of India; Azzedine Downes, President and CEO, International Fund for Animal Welfare; Pieter Copper, Head of Strategy & Innovation, IUCN National Committee of The Netherlands (IUCN NL); Simon Lyster, Chair, World Land Trust  and Ruth Powys, CEO, Elephant Family, in the presence of Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall.

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