The 2017 Journey

The epic Travels to my Elephant adventures in 2015 and 2017 raised more than £2m for conservation, through the efforts of over 150 adventurers who navigated the back roads of Rajasthan and the nature reserves of Madhya Pradesh.

Pit-stops, pujas and desert parties peppered each 500km route with strong bonds being forged among the racers as they were immersed in the sights and sounds of India in a battle towards the finish line.  Speed is no way to win this race. It is a test of agility, wit and character.

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“Travels to my Elephant is an insane, magical, crazy adventure. When I travelled to meet Tara in 1997 it was my very own magical mystery tour and one of the great moments of my life. What a be-fitting way to celebrate a man who did so much for these animals!”

Goldie Hawn

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